Digital Storytelling Interface Critique

In the esports community, tournaments are a vital tool to keep the community active. They allow the community to gather and compete in a video game with a tournament organizer managing the event. These tournaments are mostly run on websites designed to help organizers big and small to host events. I have been a videoContinue reading “ Interface Critique”


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About Me

My name is Fernando Mendez. I’m a Communication and English major at the University of Illinois at Chicago. For two years, I have written stories highlighting different groups of people and communities. I love connecting the dots through interviews and data to make one story that can reflect on the lives of multiple people. Outside of writing, I am an event organizer who creates tournaments and other events for the gaming community. Through my experience as an organizer, I realized the heart and passion that can go into a single event. That’s the type of passion I want to show in my writing by bringing light to different people from all walks of life and by understanding who they are and what they do. That’s what I hope to achieve and what I hope you get from my

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